Today’s Expiry update:“ Nifty Financial”

Nifty Financial: According to the yesterday closing “19645” in Fin Nifty, we can see the market is at resistance Level. As per the technical overview in Fin nifty, we can see on upside two crucial resistance is present at R1 19720 and R2 19780 On the other hand, on downside S1 19580 and S2 19510.

In a 15 min time frame Sensex is showing an Ascending Triangle pattern, below you can see in the chart.

Today’s stocks of the Day

  • Tata Steel: In Tata Steel on a 15 min basis we can see a Double Bottom pattern, If the stocks is break the Trend pattern, then we can see a strong upside in Tata Steel. 

Adani Ent: In Adani Ent. on a 15 min. we can see a Cup and handle pattern, the stocks is also break the handle and move in upside direction, If the stock still take a support at that level then we may see the continuous upside in Adani Ent.

Global Events for today:

  • CB Consumer Confidence (Nov) *USD*���������������

F&O ban list:


Stocks in News:

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