Investment in securities are subject to market risks and the goals of any of the schemes are not assured or guaranteed to be accomplished. Apnaresearchplus, its website and any other constituents of the website including but not limited to research analysts, do not promise any specific or exemplary returns through the website’s services. The previous performance of a mutual fund, an investment, or a portfolio manager does not guarantee future results. There is no assurance that past performance indicated with respect to services will be repeated. The name of the funds, portfolio, schemes/option do not in any manner indicated their prospectus or returns. Your investments’ valuation may change as a result of market volatility in the equity and bond markets, changes in interest rates, the political and economic climate at the time, changes in governmental policy, factors unique to the issuer of the securities, tax laws, liquidity of the underlying instruments, settlement times, and trading volumes. The investments made are subject to external risks such as war, natural calamities and policy changes of local/international markets which effect stock market. In accordance with each client’s level of risk tolerance and financial situation, the investment aim, investment strategy, and asset allocation may vary.

Although we believe the information and opinions on the website and in all of the services, we offer to be trustworthy, we disclaim all liability (and duty) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to select the products that best suit their needs.

Apnaresearchplus advises users to take investment decisions based on the recommendations of certified experts at apnaresearchplus. However, apnaresearchplus makes no promises as to the accuracy, sufficiency, or completeness of any material and disclaims liability for any mistakes or omissions, as well as for any outcomes that may follow from the use of such information. In particular, Apnaresearchplus makes it clear that it has no financial obligations to any users as a result of their usage of the content on its website.

You should strictly comply by the advice given by the knowledgeable advisors at apnaresearchplus and only trade in accordance with the levels set forth by us. You agree not to base actual stock trades on site comments, any tactics discussed or presented there, or any other kind of information presentation. All information is solely for educational and informational purposes. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated result do not represent actual trading. No claim is being made as to any account’s ability to generate profits or losses similar to those displayed, or its likelihood of doing so. 

Utilizing information and research dissemination services based on the internet and short messaging systems (SMS) carries some risk. Subscribers are advised to understand that the services can fail due to failure of hardware, software, and internet connection. While apnaresearchplus makes sure that the messages are delivered on time to the subscribers’ mobile network. SMS may be delayed and/or not delivered to the customer’s mobile phone/handset on certain days, owing to technical reasons and apnaresearchplus cannot be held responsible for the same.

No paid or unpaid customer of ours, third parties, or anyone else has the right to forwarded or shared our calls, SMS, reports, or any other information provided by us to/with anybody, whether that information is obtained directly or indirectly by the recipient. If found to have done so then serious legal actions can be taken.

You acknowledge and agree that apnaresearchplus, including its and their directors, employees, affiliates, agents, representatives, or subcontractors, shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, resulting from use of the website or from this agreement, including but not limited to compensatory, consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages.

You alone are responsible for any action you take or do not take based on the information on this website or through any other means of communication made available to you by this website. The website will not be held responsible in any way for the direct or indirect effects of your action or inaction. 

Any browsing or reading of the content is deemed to constitute acceptance of this disclaimer.

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